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Residential power systems help provide worry-free backup electrical power for thousands of homeowners. When designing your system, you have options as to what items the backup generator powers. You may choose to protect your entire home against power outages, or have the generator power only some things, like lights, refrigeration and air conditioning.

We offer the best residential power systems on the market. If the utility power goes out, your backup power generator system goes on, automatically, protecting your home 24 hours a day, every day.

As an authorized dealer for Generac home backup power generators, Beacon Generators LLC of Granbury, Texas can help you select the residential power system that meets your backup power needs, as well as your budget. Our team can also provide professional installation and ongoing maintenance. Contact us today for a consultation 817-559-0142.

The wide variety of fuel types for the backup power generation simplifies choosing a system that fits your home. Natural gas, liquid propane (LP), and diesel generators are available.

Transfer Switches: Although the generator creates the power, the transfer switch is really the core of your generator system. It is an electrical panel that allows you to safely connect a generator to your home's electrical circuits and is permanently installed near your main circuit breaker panel. It constantly monitors incoming utility power and determines when a true power outage is occurring, switching from utility power to emergency generator power. When utility power returns, the emergency generator system switches off automatically. Options include transfer switches that provide power to only some circuits or to every circuit for whole-house coverage. Some generator systems allow for prioritization of optional circuits or load shedding, such as heating and air conditioning.

Your Beacon Generators LLC team offers many options and works with you to customize the exact system you need. 817-559-0142


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