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The Beacon Generators team has 30+ years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work.

While the majority of our electrical work begins with the installation of a backup generator for a client, once they see the work we do, they often ask us if we do more. Our answer is, "Yes, we do."

We do everything from start-to-finish, new construction electrical, to adding/changing existing electrical jobs. 

Commercial Electrical Services 

New construction electrical, start to finish

Wiring design services

Install conduit

Pulling wire - from source to panel and from panel to facility

Control panel installation

Electrical panel upgrade

Install additional circuits/breakers in an electrical panel

Install or upgrade to phase 3 power

System engineering

Generator sales and installation

Install designated generator-connected electrical outlets

Installation of push-button switches and wiring for specialized machines and motors

Install electrical plugs

Interior lighting installation

Install emergency lighting

Exterior lighting installation

Installation of security lighting

Landscape lighting (120 or 12-volt available, depending on need)



Installation & Servicing

Get in touch commercia electric work
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